As licensed professionals, serving clients is job one. But every professional knows that no matter how dedicated you are to serving clients and obtaining the best results for them, the risk of an ethics grievance or complaint always exists. Those grievances disrupt your practice and can put your reputation in jeopardy.

We are proud of our reputation in defending attorneys and other professionals against charges of professional or ethical misconduct.

Responding to a Professional Grievance

When a professional grievance is filed, the potential consequences include severe sanctions, including suspension or revocation of the professional’s license. Responding quickly and thoroughly is crucial. Our goal is to ensure that grievances are resolved at the earliest possible stage.

Our clients include:

  • Accountants
  • Financial services professionals
  • Pharmacists (including compounding pharmacies)
  • Medical professionals
  • Attorneys

Regardless of whether a complaint has merit, involving experienced legal counsel at the earliest possible stage improves the chances of getting the complaint resolved expeditiously and favorably. We have represented professionals at all stages of the process, including internal hearings, before licensing boards, and in front of disciplinary authorities throughout New Jersey.

In addition to representing professionals before licensing and disciplinary bodies and in other civil proceedings, we also defend clients against white collar criminal charges. The combination of our civil and criminal experience gives us a distinct advantage in any matter involving allegations of professional misconduct.

New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics

At Stone Conroy LLC, we have substantial experience handling matters under the jurisdiction of the New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics (OAE). We represent attorneys at all stages of the disciplinary process, including before the Disciplinary Review Board (DRB) and District Ethics Committees (DEC). Additional information about our attorney misconduct defense practice is available under Attorney Ethics.