For any professional, a complaint of unethical conduct or malfeasance can be unsettling, even when the claim has no merit. At Stone Conroy, we are proud of our reputation for vigorously and effectively defending professionals against misconduct and ethics charges. Our practice includes handling all matters within the jurisdiction of the New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics. We also represent financial services professionals, academic professionals, and others in disciplinary proceedings involving professional misconduct complaints.

Professional Misconduct

As licensed professionals, serving clients is job one. But every professional knows that no matter how dedicated you are to serving clients and obtaining the best results for them, the risk of an ethics grievance or complaint always exists. Those gri… Read More

Attorney Ethics

We have substantial experience handling matters at all stages of the disciplinary process, including before District Ethics Committees (DEC), the Office of Attorney Ethics (OAE), Special Ethics Masters, the Disciplinary Review Board (DRB) and the New… Read More