U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey

Our attorneys understand the complexities of federal practice in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey. More than simply knowing what the Local Civil and Criminal Rules provide, we appreciate the practical application of these Rules and the robust traditions of the District.

We are well-versed in handling federal cases of all types. From Hatch-Waxman litigation to Petroleum Marketing Practices Act disputes, to RICO cases, we have the experience to ensure that our clients achieve the best possible results while respecting the unique intricacies of the jurisdiction.

Our Leadership Roles

Our attorneys have significant leadership roles in the District of New Jersey. Shalom Stone is a former member of the Lawyers’ Advisory Committee for the District of New Jersey and is the former Chair of the Federal Practice and Procedure Section of the New Jersey State Bar Association. In 2007, Mr. Stone was nominated by President Bush to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. Ms. Conroy serves on the Executive Board of the Association of the Federal Bar of New Jersey (AFBNJ) and is a volunteer attorney with the District of New Jersey’s federal prisoner re-entry program, ReNew.